How to get Yoshikage Kira’s receipt-JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Sendai, Japan is a model of JoJo 4

Sendai city of Miyagi prefecture, Japan, is a model of JoJo’s bizarre, and the city is where Hirohiko Araki -author of JoJo was born. So, in Sendai, you can see many places that can be seen in JoJo.

First, the story goes on in Morioh, S-city. S-city is Sendai city. In addition, Sendai is called 杜の都 (Mori-no-miyako) meaning the city of trees, and Morioh is 杜王町 in Japanese, which is clearly named after 杜の都. Other examples are listed below.

  • Koichi Hirose (広瀬康一) is named after Hirose river (広瀬川)
  • Jozenji (定禅寺) is named after Jozenji street (定禅寺通り)
  • Noriaki Kakyoin (JoJo 3) is named after Kakyoin (花京院), address nearby Sendai station and so on…

How to get Yoshikage Kira’s receipt

In Jojo 4, Jotaro and Koichi fought to Kira in a shoe store, Mukadeya. Actually, there exist Mukadeya in Sendai. Mukadeya is also a shoe store in real, and the store displays pictures and goods of Jojo. When you buy something and ask the clerk to give you a receipt of Jojo, you can get the Yoshikage Kira’s receipt. Here’s how to speak in Japanese.

ジョジョの領収書をください。(Jojo no ryoshu-sho wo kudasai; Please, give me Jojo’s receipt)

Relax! the clerk in Mukadeya knows what you want and give you the receipt.

How to get to Mukadeya

If you are from China, Taiwan or Korea, you can directly go to Sendai airport by flight. Others should first go to Narita or Haneda airport (nearby Tokyo) and use domestic flight or use Shinkan-sen to Sendai, both of which are nearly the same cost about 12,000 JPY. When you arrive in Sendai station, use subway of (南北線, North-South line) to Hirose-dori.

If you are Jojo geek, visit S-city!


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